The country goes to the polls on Thursday 12th December and in Hornchurch and Upminster there is a candidate who has never stood in a General Election before.

So who is he and why should you vote for him?

1 Thomas Lives In Hornchurch

Thomas has lived on Ardleigh Green Road almost his entire life –growing up 15 doors down from where he now resides with his wife and son. This is very different to the current MP for Hornchurch and Upminster who has never lived in the area or indeed Havering.


Tom at Harold Wood CC

Thomas at his beloved Harold Wood Cricket Club in Harold Wood Park

2 Thomas Is Chairman of Harold Wood Cricket Club

Thomas already plays a big part in the community being the chairman of Harold Wood Cricket Club as well as being a player and a coach at the club based in Harold Wood Park.

Through his work at the club he has raised thousands of pounds for the Harold Wood Warriors – the physical and learning disabilities section of the club via sponsored walks, runs and challenges – this has allowed the Warriors to have free cricket, coaching, equipment and shirts.

Tom Half Marathon

Thomas recently completed the Royal Parks Half Marathon raising money for disabled cricketers

3 Thomas Joined The Liberal Democrats in 2016

Thomas is a relatively new recruit to the party, joining after the EU Referendum in 2016. He has quickly moved up through the ranks of the local party to now be a candidate. He is also the Membership Development officer of the local party.

4 Thomas Cares About Helping With Local Issues

Thomas wants to make a difference in the area – he is not a career politician he is just a local resident wanting to make a difference.

He is especially concerned with the devastating rise of knife crime in the area. As well as wanting the residents to have their voices heard over the continued delays to Crossrail.

One of the reason’s for Thomas wanting to run is because he feels the area is not currently well represented – spelt out by Julia Lopez being listed as 608th out of 650 MPs in a recent ranking –

Thomas noticeboard

Thomas keeps himself aware of local issues

5 Thomas’ Family Is Expanding

Thomas and his wife are expecting their second child in January 2020 – it would be fair to say he has a lot going on at the moment!

We hope that has been helpful – to contact Thomas email him or @tpc1981 on Twitter.

Don’t forget to vote on Thursday 12th December

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