It is now accepted that EVs are the future for the car. The government has made clear that EV’s are its primary solution to emissions and air quality problems from transport, and with over 90,000 on UK road’s already, EV’s are becoming mainstream.

But now consider EV’s for the day to day work of local government. EV’s would not only encourage others by setting the example, but would save money. If the Council had a fleet of EVs for staff to use on journeys (instead of their own cars), it would save £ thousands in staff car allowances. Furthermore and most intriguingly, if electric cars are seen as mobile battery assets they could be used to sell power to the grid at premium rates.

Image the EV’s charged up overnight ready for Council journeys between 9am – 5pm, such as planning officers. With EV batteries getting better with longer ranges, with over 100 mile ranges, it could mean that there is a residual charge in the battery at the end of the day. Imagine now these EV cars are plugged in to discharge their remaining power to the grid.

Putting power back into the grid during the evening peak means the Council will be paid premium rates. Once peak hours are over, the cars can then be charged up again, using off peak power in the middle of the night at low cost, so that the EV’s will be fully charged ready for the next morning.

A key issue is the price of the EV cars. Clearly Havering Council acting on its own, will have little effect, but think if all London Borough’s grouped together to procure electric vehicles for their local fleets. If Havering took the lead and a consortuim of London Borough’s procured EVs together, they could achieve a massive discount on the cars.

EV’s bought at a discount, with revenue generated from putting power back into the grid, not only is good for the environment but makes for a great financial return.


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