Is our rubbish going where you think it should be?

Is our rubbish going where you think it should be?

Just like you, we passionately care about our environment – for us to be able to use and enjoy right now, and to protect for the benefit of our children and future generations.

We have all seen news stories and images of ever-increasing waste levels reaching our oceans. But the problems are closer to home too.

We’d love to gauge the current level of awareness of local recycling opportunities in Havering.

We’ll put the responses together in to an action plan to improve things for us all!

Discover if our rubbish is going where you think it should be?

Please do share the survey on social media and with your friends, family and colleagues who live in Havering.

Romford Recorder Facebook Live Hustings for the Havering Local Elections 2018

Romford Recorder Facebook Live Hustings for the Havering Local Elections 2018

On Thursday 12th April, our local candidate Thomas Clarke for Romford Town did a fantastic job of representing the view of our local Liberal Democrat candidates across Havering at Romford Recorder’s Facebook Live Hustings event.  This is what Thomas said about the event:

It was great to attend the Hustings organised by the Recorder on Thursday evening, it was an hour-long debate between some of the candidates from around the borough ahead of the local elections on May 3rd.
I would like to say thank you to the other candidates who attended the event, and turned it into such an insightful evening. It was particularly disappointing that the Conservatives, once again, failed to turn up and support the event, blaming a transport issue.
The party failed to appear in any debates before last year’s general election and to once again miss out and dodge being asked questions by the people of Havering was a big disappointment.
I really enjoyed being given the chance to answer questions from the public, who sent them in on the Recorder’s Twitter and Facebook channels, and hope that I was able to get across a little bit more about the Havering Liberal Democrats and myself.

We’d like to extend our thanks as a group to Romford Recorder for hosting this valuable opportunity for local residents to hear directly from some of their candidates.

You can watch the Hustings from Romford Recorder’s Facebook page at

London Borough of Havering – Meet Your Local Liberal Democrat Candidates

Havering Liberal Democrats are standing 17 candidates across 15 wards in the local
council elections on Thursday 3rd May.

Candidates are fielded in every ward in Romford parliamentary constituency, including three in Romford Town ward.  There will be eight candidates across wards in Hornchurch, Upminster and Rainham.

Romford Town Liberal Democrat Focus Team – Ian Sanderson, Kerrie Sait and Thomas Clarke.

Read more about our Romford Town candidates at:

We need your support and action for a few minutes on Thursday 3rd May – vote for your local Havering Liberal Democrat candidates on 3rd May so that we can continue to fight for a better deal for Havering, something that we all deserve.


Vote for your local Liberal Democrat candidate on Thursday 3rd May for a better deal for Havering


You can support our local campaign activity by making a donation online now.

Get in touch with your local Liberal Democrat candidate at

We have launched our manifesto for Havering 2018 – A Better Deal for Havering – a considered, sensible and fair set of policies to deliver a better deal for Havering.


Click to View – Havering Liberal Democrats Manifesto for Havering 2018 – A Better Deal for Havering


Your local Liberal Democrat candidates are:


Brooklands Peter Davies
Elm Park Shane Forster
Emerson Park Graham Potter
Gooshays John Porter
Hacton Andrew Willmer
Harold Wood Jonathan Coles
Havering Park Peter Hobday
Heaton John Deeks
Hylands Susan Brewington
Mawneys Stuart Mott
Pettits David Bower
Romford Town Thomas Clarke
Kerrie Sait
Ian Sanderson
St Andrew’s David Williams
Squirrel’s Heath Madge Mulliner
Upminster Bruce Carter

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