This week has been an incredible one – Tuesday’s vote in Parliament takes us a step closer to an exit from Brexit – with a resounding defeat of Theresa May’s Brexit deal – the biggest defeat in Parliament ever.

That was followed by the failed No Confidence vote in Parliament in Wednesday, showing that there is no viable opposition to the Government.

What’s left of the Conservative Government is in crisis and Labour are still failing to provide any opposition. Now, more than ever, we need a strong local Liberal Democrat voice to stand up for a better future for Havering.

Please share our video today, helping us ramp up the message that we are on the side of local people in demanding a final say.




Brexit is the most important issue that has faced our country for decades. Its impact will have devastating consequences, hitting our NHS and local jobs.

I’m proud that the Liberal Democrats have been leading the fight since day one – and I’m not going to stop now.

Join the Liberal Democrats Today

Thomas Clarke

Havering Liberal Democrats Membership Development Officer

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