Havering Council have decided to keep digging holes for themselves over car parking in our town centres.

The news last week that free car parking would occur over the weekends of the Christmas period shows just how wrong the council were over scrapping free car parking in areas in the first place.

The council have had to face criticism, protests and even a mocking article in Private Eye!

And they are now trying to backtrack – a pointless car parking consultation and now this Christmas parking stunt is all that the council and their panicked leader Damian White can come up with.

While the council continue to let residents and businesses in the borough down people’s livelhoods and jobs hang in the balance.

We should be supporting our important high streets and local businesses throughout the year, not just when our shops are at their busiest – it is when times are quiet that businesses are really put to the test.

I wrote back in February about how to Give Our High Streets a Break the Conservative led Council and their leader should read that article to come up with some real strategy on how to help the local businesses and residents in our borough.

This post was written by Thomas Clarke – Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Hornchurch and Upminster

Contact him by emailing thomas.clarke@haveringlibdems.org.uk or Tweet him @tpc1981

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