Kerrie Sait – Liberal Democrat Candidate for Romford Town ward

Kerrie Sait is originally from South Bedfordshire. She moved to London to study Mathematics, where she gained a BSc(hons) from Goldsmiths College, University of London. Her main area of work has been with Databases and in the Data Analysis fields and she has worked across many sectors including Media, Telecoms, Pharmaceuticals and Local Government.

Having returned for a period back to her hometown, Kerrie was active within the local Resident’s Association. She moved to Romford in 2008, the hometown of her husband Philip, and is currently a Stay at home parent to their two young children. With spare time being tight, Kerrie does try to regularly attend football games and enjoys baking when she can – the more experimental the better.

Kerrie joined the Liberal Democrats in February 2017 after years of armchair support and is delighted to be standing as a candidate in Local elections for the party.


 Vote for Kerrie Sait for Romford Town on Thursday 3rd May


You can support our local campaign activity by making a donation online now.

Get in touch with Kerrie at


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