Originally from Bedford, Sam has been campaigning for the Liberal Democrats for the past ten years, and previously ran the party’s youth and student organisation. Sam lives in London working as a communications professional and is a passionate campaigner for youth education.

Sam is proud to offer a clear alternative to the people of Dagenham and Rainham at the next election to stop Brexit and stand up for their vital public services. Sam is keenly aware that issues that local residents need their representative to fight for are:

  • affordable housing

  • reducing crime especially violent offences

  • job growth and increased training opportunities

  • protecting the environment and their children’s’ future

Sam believes allowing Brexit to happen will cause lasting and irreversible damage to the economy in these communities and across the UK, hurting future generations for decades to come.

He will stand up for the interests of people in Dagenham and Rainham and ensure those who want to remain in Europe have a voice when the next election is called.

You can support our local campaign activity by making a donation online now.


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