I joined the Liberal Democrats in the days following the Brexit Referendum in 2016.

It was following the dramatic result and the campaigning that had occurred around the vote that I realised I wanted to try and make a difference in the area where I lived – an area that had overwhelmingly voted to leave the European Union.

During the campaign the Brexiteers built their vote on lies, fear, hatred and racism and it was just something I could not just let stand by and watch happen.

As a father whose son was born in March 2016 it was not the atmosphere or beliefs I wanted him to grow up with.

In the months and years that have passed it is clear that for many of the big names in British politics the EU Referendum was nothing but a way to push their own agenda and to try and increase the value of their own stock.

The People’s Vote March was the chance for individuals to get together to tell those in power that we will not just stand by and let egos ruin this great country for future generations.

I have never been on a march before and when I travelled down to London I soon realised I was not the only one – there were thousands upon thousands of people who had never attended a gathering like this before, but had decided to put their time and energy into spending the day standing next to other people with the same beliefs – for the good of the country and future generations.

People's Vote Sign
One of the creative placards on show

Havering Liberal Democrats travelling down to the march as a group and witnessed the historic scenes in London – there were stickers given out galore, humorous placards, speeches from political figures all under a bright blue sky in our capital. It was incredible.

Havering Lib Dem Group
Havering Liberal Democrats travelled to the March

It was a day that I will never forget, and one that gives me hope for the future in our country, and it was great to share it with people from the local Lib Dem party.

Over the past week I have looked back at the march and feel now even stronger that there should be a People’s Vote. The Government with Theresa May’s Brexit Deal has been crushed, while the opposition under Jeremy Corbyn have failed to get a no confidence proposal in the government accepted. The only way to stop this deadlock is to give the people of UK the choice again.

If you feel like joining the fight against Brexit or just want to support the Liberal Democrats both Nationally and in you local area then sign up at https://www.libdems.org.uk/join-local

Thomas Clarke

Havering Liberal Democrats Membership Development Officer

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