Last week Asthma UK made an announcement that they were seeking clarification from the Government on changes to priority group 6 for the COVID vaccine.  Initially flu jab eligible asthmatics were in that group.  On Saturday it was confirmed the new criteria on asthmatics means the vast majority will no longer be.  See here for Asthma UK’s tweets on the subject.

This is a real kick in the teeth for asthmatics like myself who have been told they are clinically vulnerable all the way through and followed Government advice on being extra cautious.  Many asthmatics have relayed their dismay that their asthma seems more controlled now as social distancing has meant triggers have been avoided.  Anyone who may be straddling the borderline faces a potential battle to have this recognised.  The way we have been quietly dropped means that many will not realise they aren’t eligible.  NHS staff may see their time wasted having to field queries as to why an invite hasn’t gone out.

It is not the only change – some conditions have been newly added in whereas others like ME have also been removed.  Some of those conditions were not considered a factor for vulnerability before.

You can check here for information from Havering or here for information from the Government website to see if you still are or are now eligible for group 6.


Kerrie Sait 

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