Upminster by-election Thurs 10th August 2023

There will be a by-election in Upminster ward on Thursday 10th August 2023. Voter ID is required for this election. More information is available on what ID is eligible and what to do if you don't have eligible ID.

Pizza and Politics

Pizza and Politics Evening

We held a Pizza and Politics evening on Thursday 30th March 2023 at Harold Wood Cricket Club. It was great to see and chat with so many people. We our planning on holding another one soon.


Changes to the recycling scheme

Havering Council have recently changed their recycling contactor from July 2023. Among other changes, this will allow a greater range of plastics and glass to be recycled via the orange bag collection and the use greater amount of electric powered vehicles. We welcome this change, however we also note that this is an 8 year contract which had some substantial room for improvement.

Haynes Litter Pick

Cleaning up Haynes Park

Our local team spent several hours In September 2021 litter picking in Haynes Park. During our clean up we struggled to find bins and areas where locals can drop off their rubbish after a picnic. Havering council need to do more to protect the beautiful parks and greenery in Havering. This is one way Havering council can help the community and the environment.

2022 AGM Agenda

We'll be holding our 2022 Annual General Meeting on Thursday 17th November 2022 at 8pm, over Zoom.

25 Oct 2022