Today we are proud to announce the launch of our manifesto for Havering 2018 – A Better Deal for Havering.

For too long we have been forced to endure continued cuts to our vital local services.  These are services from schools to social care, roads to policing, and business to housing.  We continue to fight for a better deal for all local Havering residents.


Download Havering Liberal Democrats Manifesto 2018 – A Better Deal for Havering


We all deserve access to consistently great local services across the Borough, those services for which we pay amongst the highest Council Tax in London.  If elected to represent you in the Council, we will immediately ensure that the money collected from us all in Council Tax is spent well, and spent in the areas we need it spent in.  Unlike the current administration, we won’t ignore and brush aside local residents’ concerns on what services are important to them.  We will ensure that access to the services we deserve and the funding they require is fair and balanced for us all.


Vote for your local Liberal Democrat candidate on Thursday 3rd May for a better deal for Havering


We need your support and action for a few minutes on Thursday 3rd May – vote for your local Havering Liberal Democrat candidates on 3rd May so that we can continue to fight for a better deal for Havering, something that we all deserve.

Our manifesto is a considered, sensible and fair set of policies to deliver a better deal for Havering, including the following policy areas:


  • Police and crime
  • Youth and community services
  • Environment
  • Local democracy and accountability
  • Household waste
  • Council Tax
  • Roads and paths
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Health
  • Social care
  • Jobs and business
  • Respect for the individual

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