Thanks go to the sharp eyes of a nature-spotting couple who were coming to vote at the Gidea Park Primary School polling station earlier today in the Havering local elections.  They spotted a hedgehog in the school grounds who didn’t seem to be doing too well and brought it to our attention.

Before moving the hedgehog, local Romford Town candidate Thomas Clarke spoke to the helpful staff at South Essex Wildlife Hospital to confirm what the best thing was to do.  The staff at the wildlife hospital said it should be brought in.  Tom and a colleague safely transported the sick hedgehog to the wildlife hospital.

The hedgehog was rushed straight through when Tom got to the wildlife hospital and he was thanked for bringing it in.  It appeared to have damage to an eye and breathing difficulties.

Thanks very much to the staff at South Essex Wildlife Hospital.  Hedgehogs are a vital part of our natural wildlife and are beautiful creatures.  We don’t yet know the full extent of the hedgehog’s illness, but we hope it has a speedy recovery and we know it’s in safe hands.

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